What are the different ways to install Norsk PVC flooring?

http://shotokankaratedovernolien.fr/30044-dtf61108-quand-chuck-rencontre-lary.html 1. MINIMAL CUT INSTALLATION

Install your first row of tiles working from left to right. Start with a full tile and then cut the last tile to fit, leaving room for expansion and contraction. Using this method you will have additional waste. Work your way from front to back, and left to right, insuring that adequate room is left for expansion and contraction on both edges. Choose side of garage for full tiles that you use or see the most because depending on size, you may have a small piece on either side.


To connect the tiles, align the teeth of the adjoining tile, or border piece, and lightly tap with a rubber mallet (do not use a regular hammer or any other metal striking tool), ensuring the teeth are aligned properly prior to lightly tapping to prevent damaging the tiles. Improper alignment with heavy striking of a rubber mallet may damage the interlocking teeth. http://stream-live.com.au//backup/vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php NOTE: If a tooth does not set all the way, turn your rubber mallet over and use the handle end to push and turn the tooth in. Again, remember the comment from above in that connecting these tiles in direct hot sunshine may make installation more difficult because of the tiles getting pliable.

3. WALL BORDER (Cut to fit area’s) TILE PLACEMENT

Place a loose tile over the top of the last tile in the row next to the wall. Place a second tile over it with one end butted against the wall, marking the tile underneath with a pencil (Please note if the tile you are using has teeth on it, you will have to make your mark to cut at the bottom of the teeth. Otherwise, your gap will be too large since you won’t have the teeth towards the wall or edge). Cut the tile along this line with your utility knife and install.


Using tracing paper, make a pattern around any irregular objects and trace it on the back of a loose tile. Cut along the line with your utility knife. Carefully lay tile in place and secure with rubber mallet.


Border pieces are sold separately. Store all unused border pieces in a safe place for potential future use. Boarder pieces help link the tiles for a stronger connection by overlapping each tile by half. Corner tile pieces can be cut to make them into straight pieces (see back of corner pieces for cutting guidelines). Each box will cover approximately 26 linear feet.


If baseboard wall trim is desired, rest it on top of the tile so it doesn’t inhibit the expansion/contraction of tiles with temperature fluctuation.


Adhesives are not recommended for use with Norsk tiles. They are designed for installation without the use of adhesives. Adhesives should only be used in applications where normal interlocking features do not work.

Some potential applications are:

  • Sloped areas such as angled ramps, etc.
  • Areas where the tile will not conform irregular (curved or other) surfaces.
  • Vertical wall spaces.

If you have further questions about caring for and maintaing your flooring, please feel free to email our customer service department at customerservice@norsk-stor.com, or find us on Twitter.