I clicked on the tracking number in my email, but it did not work?

Couple reasons this may not have worked:

  1. You have pop up windows blocked in your settings
  2. The most likely reason would be your shipment was not processed via FedEx, but went with LTL Truck.

can i buy clomid over the counter in canada Solution for #1: If tracking email says FedEx and you see tracking number, but when clicking on the link a window does not open, simply visit FedEx.com and input your tracking number into their tracking box located on their home page.

my explanation Solution for #2: We are sorry you were directed to go to FedEx when your order went with LTL Truck. You will see in the email the name of the carrier right before the 9-digit (highlighted in blue) number. This number is called a “PRO” number and it is a universal tracking number for LTL truck shipments. What you need to do is look at the name of the carrier (example “Roadrunner”), Google Roadrunner freight and go to their website. Then, copy and paste the 9-digit “Pro” number from your email into their website tracking box (most sites have this box right on their home page). This will then give you the information on your shipment, and will probably tell you the approximate delivery date and terminal location from which the delivery will be made from. If you have any question on this shipment, please call this carrier directly and use the 9-digit “Pro” number from your email to talk about your shipment.

If you have further questions about shipping and product delivery, please browse the customer service blog. There are many helpful FAQs answered here. If you can’t find your answer, please email our customer service department at customerservice@norsk-stor.com, or for a quicker response, ask questions directly to our customer service’s Twitter account: @asknorsk