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6 Tips to Make Your Next Outdoor Adventure Unforgettable

Summertime is the perfect season for a camping trip. Whether you’re headed out for quality “bro bonding time,” or a family vacation, there’s nothing like letting go and de-stressing for a few days in the woods. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your outdoor adventure the most memorable experience possible. Baby’s first camping trip? If this is your child’s first camping trip, Read On »

Exploring PVC flooring benefits

Norsk Multi-Purpose Interlocking Tiles You probably ask yourself repeatedly about the benefits of PVC flooring, and how does it compete with traditional flooring options like concrete or hardwood.  The answer is very easy if you have Norsk multi-purpose interlocking tiles in mind.  The wide selection of products from this brand is made for most areas at home – whether indoor or outdoor, or for light Read On »

Norsk Multi-Purpose Interlocking PVC Tiles

Deck and Patio Usage The patio or the deck is just one of the few parts of a typical house that we mostly ignore because we always thought this extended area of our house do not need much attention.  However, like the living room, we could turn it into a beautiful and hospitable area where you and you’re visiting friends can hang out during sunny Read On »

Quick Ways to Redefine Your Patios and Decks

The Wonders of Norsk PVC Tile Floors The patio or the deck area is one of the most refreshing areas at home because it’s a conjunction right outside your house, a nearby outdoor lounge area.  A few design touches around this area will freshen your entire home especially if you intend this space the right spot to entertain with visitors and friends.  Without a lot Read On »

Norsk Flooring Solution for Patios

Better Flooring Equals Better Patio Design There are so many installation options for patios and decks but nothing as quite as striking and fresh as PVC tile flooring.  While it is true that hardwood is the classic way to redesign the flooring and brick has been a great flooring solution as well, more and more homeowners welcome new ways through spruce up their patios and Read On »