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9 Things to Consider When Buying Garage Floor Tiles

Yep, it’s that time again! Spring is here. Now is the time of year that you venture in to the great unknown. The dark, cluttered room that you once referred to as your “garage”.  But hey, maybe it won’t be as bad this year. Maybe if you put on utility boots, you wont have to feel the cold, damp concrete or slip on the small Read On »

Garage Flooring

Don’t Miss Norsk Featured on Today’s Homeowner

As a homeowner, when it comes to home improvements, you have two choices: hire a professional or do it yourself (DIY). While hiring an independent contractor can sometimes feel like you’re shelling out your life savings, the daunting task of blindly tackling home improvement projects can dissuade some homeowners from ever attempting to DIY. What if you could save money AND have a professional guide Read On »

Exploring PVC flooring benefits

Norsk Multi-Purpose Interlocking Tiles You probably ask yourself repeatedly about the benefits of PVC flooring, and how does it compete with traditional flooring options like concrete or hardwood.  The answer is very easy if you have Norsk multi-purpose interlocking tiles in mind.  The wide selection of products from this brand is made for most areas at home – whether indoor or outdoor, or for light Read On »

Norsk Interlocking Flooring Solutions

Tips On How To Maintain Your PVC Flooring For die-hard fans of DIY flooring solutions, the brand Norsk is always at the top of the list.  Part of the brand’s success is owed to the fact that all flooring products are easy to install, in as much as it is highly recommended for its high quality and performance.  You only have to lay down the Read On »

Norsk Premium Grade Floor Mats

Where and How to Install Them  Before the days of PVC flooring popularity, rolling up woolly rugs, scrubbing one’s hardwood floors and making sure ceramic tiles aren’t chipped yet were as common in a household setting.  If any of these three makes you break into a sweat with all the maintenance and workload involved, consider the better choice in the form of premium grade floor Read On »