What are the different ways to install Norsk PVC flooring?

1. MINIMAL CUT INSTALLATION Install your first row of tiles working from left to right. Start with a full tile and then cut the last tile to fit, leaving room for expansion and contraction. Using this method you will have additional waste. Work your way from front to back, and left to right, insuring that adequate room is left for expansion and contraction on both Read On »

How do you finish the edges of the PVC tiles?

Trim kits provide the finished edging for our PVC tiles. Trim Kits are available in Black, Gray, Beige and Metallic Graphite. Each kit includes: Four corners and 14 straight pieces. Tile corners can be cut to make additional straight pieces(kit covers about 26 linear feet in total). If you have further questions about our products, please feel free to browse the customer service blog. There Read On »

Is the PVC flooring flexible or hard like other tiles? How does that effect installation?

Most flooring surfaces are not perfectly level which can be problematic with polypropylene (hard) floor tiles in trying to deal with uneven sub flooring surfaces. Norsk PVC flooring virtually eliminates this problem with the use of our proprietary formulation. Our tiles are flexible and conform readily to the flooring surface, masking many imperfections in your floor. Most polypropylene (hard) tile products simply cannot overcome these Read On »

What Norsk PVC floor style and colors are available?

We know color and appearance matters. Norsk offers some of the most innovative patterns and texture designs in the market when it comes to our PVC flooring. In addition to a traditional raised coin pattern, our PVC flooring offers several distinct and unique designs: Our Designed Patented Raised Diamond tiles are offered in three metallic shades, black, metallic pewter and metallic graphite. Our Vented Tile Read On »

What are the recommended tools I should use for flooring installation?

While installing Norsk flooring is easy, we do recommend having a few tools on hand to make installing your flooring even simpler. The tools you’ll need: For standard area tile installations, making a mat, only a Rubber Mallet is needed. For wall-to-wall installations, or areas where cutting around objects is necessary, the following tools may be needed: Utility knife, rubber mallet, large carpenter’s square, chalk Read On »