Exploring PVC flooring benefits

Norsk Multi-Purpose Interlocking Tiles You probably ask yourself repeatedly about the benefits of PVC flooring, and how does it compete with traditional flooring options like concrete or hardwood.  The answer is very easy if you have Norsk multi-purpose interlocking tiles in mind.  The wide selection of products from this brand is made for most areas at home – whether indoor or outdoor, or for light Read On »

Norsk Interlocking Flooring Solutions

Tips On How To Maintain Your PVC Flooring For die-hard fans of DIY flooring solutions, the brand Norsk is always at the top of the list.  Part of the brand’s success is owed to the fact that all flooring products are easy to install, in as much as it is highly recommended for its high quality and performance.  You only have to lay down the Read On »

Redefining a Basement via Norsk PVC Tiles

From a Messy Unused Room To a Wow-Looking Storage Space Rarely do we put our attention to maintaining the look of our basement as the area usually becomes the “dumping site” of seldom used materials and items. Thus, in real case scenarios, basements are usually messy and full of clutter.  However, there’s an effective way on how to redefine the look of your basement so Read On »

Transform the Look of Your Basement

Protecting Your Flooring Space With Norsk Flooring Mats The basement, located at the lowest part of a typical house, can be a wonderful, private haven if only you’re willing to customize its interior design.  However, most of us tend to relegate it as storage room or stockroom where we do away with some of the stuff we rarely use.  These days, well customized basements are Read On »

Anti-Slip Designer PVC Tiles By Norsk For Mudrooms

Having a close call accident while you’re in the mudroom?  Would you like to bring out the distinct entryway with PVC flooring tiles without having to compromise design and safety?  Norsk understands the dangers of slippery entrance ways and would like the cut off the hazard that comes with it.  With the brand’s anti-slip designer PVC tiles, you are guaranteed a rapid flooring solution that will Read On »