9 Things to Consider When Buying Garage Floor Tiles

garage flooring ideasYep, it’s that time again! Spring is here. Now is the time of year that you venture in to the great unknown. The dark, cluttered room that you once referred to as your “garage”.  But hey, maybe it won’t be as bad this year. Maybe if you put on utility boots, you wont have to feel the cold, damp concrete or slip on the small oil spill that your faithful car gifted you in February. Or perhaps you have a self-cleaning garage and over the winter it has reverted to the tidy, spacious storage room that you once envisioned upon moving in. Or maybe the kids can go all summer without wanting to ride their bicycles or play with the soccer ball, which is hidden somewhere between the lawnmower and the cardboard “Lemonade 4 Sale” booth that your husband so carefully crafted for your little ones’ yearly entrepreneurial ventures.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a serious garage makeover this spring! And why not start from the ground up?

A garage can be the most versatile room in the house. When decluttering and revamping the garage space, installing the right garage floor tiles can enhance the look and function of the entire garage. At Norsk, we understand that choosing the right garage flooring can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the “must-have qualities” when choosing garage floor tiles. We’ve compared the typical “polypropylene flooring” to our multi-purpose flooring, which you might be surprised by the major differences!

Quality: When it comes to picking the right floor tiles to revamp your garage, it should be all about the quality. You’ll be placing heavy shelves, equipment, tools and even your car on these tiles so purchasing high quality flooring is vital. Norsk uses the highest quality PVC materials available – the difference is recognized immediately when you pick up one of our tiles.

Flexibility: Most flooring surfaces are not perfectly level, which can be problematic with polypropylene floors in trying to deal with uneven subfloor surfaces. Norsk flooring virtually eliminates this problem with the use of our proprietary formulation. Our tiles are flexible and conform readily to the flooring surface, masking many imperfections in your floor. Most polypropylene products simply can’t overcome these types of flooring imperfections due to the inherent stiffness of the raw material, making them rigid and inflexible.

Strength: You must consider the strength and durability of the floor tiles you wish to install in your garage. Norsk floor tiles uniquely combine the supple support of finer anti-fatigue products along with the strength to support the weight of vehicles through the structural integrity of our patented design. We’ve created the best value in the market by combining our innovative designs and our special raw material formulation to achieve optimum performance at an affordable price.

Price/Value: Polypropylene floor tiles have traditionally been the low-cost product in the marketplace. PVC flooring has historically maintained a much higher performance rating and value perception, but the pricing structure rendered it unaffordable to the average homeowner. We set out with the goal in mind of making Norsk multi-purpose flooring the best value in the market – and we believe we have been successful in that regard.

Ease of Installation: Ease of installation is key to every product we design and our multi-purpose flooring is no exception. PVC is much easier to install as it only requires a good utility knife and a rubber mallet, as opposed to Polypropylene tiles, which require the use of a table or skill saw. Our 18” x 18” tiles also reduce installation time with each tile covering 2.32 square feet. Most polypropylene tiles typically are 12” x 12” or 1 square foot.

Ease of Replacement: Trying to replace a polypropylene tile in the middle of a floor can be a real nightmare. Since most manufacturers use a male/female locking system, it can be next to impossible to replace the flooring. This can require removal of an entire row to get to that one pesky tile. That’s not the story with Norsk PVC tiles. Replacing a Norsk tile can be done by simply placing a small flathead screw driver into one of the mushroom interlocks and pulling the tile up. Then, you just align the new tile and pop it back in place. Replacing a damaged tile is incredibly simple and takes very little time or effort.

Cost Efficient: Many polypropylene floors have male and female sides so once the tile is cut, most of the time the remnants are scrap and entirely useless. This translates to a 5 percent order overage when compared to 10 percent required for most polypropylene tiles. There are many advantages to our patent pending mushroom tooth design, such as an extremely secure interlocking feature. An additional benefit is that there is far less product waste during installation. By having four (4) uniform sides, you can cut a border piece and in most cases wind up using it in another part of the floor.

Comfort: If you’ve ever walked on a polypropylene floor, you most likely noticed that it makes a hollow sound, which can be annoying and lends itself to a cheap product perception. Very few floor tiles earmarked for garage and multi-purpose applications provide both acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. Norsk floor tiles are robust and quiet to walk on. And, best of all, it provides anti-fatigue qualities not found in most polypropylene floors.

Acclaimed: As with any product or service, researching before purchasing is important. Understanding other users experience can help determine the quality of a product, especially if reviewed by an industry expert. Well it just so happens that Norsk was recently featured on Today’s Homeowner with DIY guru and leading home expert, Danny Lipford. Our interlocking, PVC flooring was the main product feature in the episode, “Getting A Grip on Garages”. You can watch a clip of the installation here.

Flexible, durable and firm, Norsk’s PVC tiles are the perfect addition for any garage. To learn more about our various PVC tiles available for purchase, please visit our PVC flooring page on the website.