Redo Kid’s Playroom with Norsk

  Simple Tips to Transform a Kid’s Playroom Worried about the safety levels of playrooms and playgrounds where your children are playing?  Do you go after your little tots while they are playing around the house?  How do you go about child-proofing a kid’s playroom? The Norsk brand has something on its sleeve to answer those questions.  You need not have to worry no more Read On »

Quick-Fit PVC Flooring Tiles From Norsk

Hassle-Free, Rapid Installation Tips The usual approach when it comes to floor renovation has always been to call a flooring professional or a service repairman first to assist you to do the job successfully.   But you can confidently skip this part if you choose to purchase quick-fit PVC flooring tiles from Norsk.  That’s because you can pull off the installation project yourself without any professional Read On »

What size are the PVC tiles and how much area does a box cover?

PVC Tiles Size = 18.3″ x 18.3″ x .250″ = 2.32 sq. ft. Package Sizes: 6-pack box covers 13.95 sq. ft. Each box weight is approximately 17 lbs. Ask Norsk: How do I calculate how many PVC tiles I need? Watch Bob Paige, Vice President of Sales at Norsk explain below: If you have further questions about our products, please feel free to browse the Read On »

What can I do to minimize waste during the flooring installation process?

No matter which flooring installation instructions you’ve choose to use, in this scenario the garage door will be considered the front of the garage and left and right will be determined based on standing at the garage door and looking in. Measure the front opening of your garage floor and mark the center. Place a single tile centered on the center point of that line. Read On »

What is RECYCLAMAT? Where can I use Norsk products made with RECYCLAMAT?

RECYCLAMAT is a multi-purpose flooring product designed for any area you have a need. Foam mats provide anti-fatigue and protection from hard surfaces where desired.  Norsk’s multi-purpose foam mats have a patented reversible feature in which one side is one color, and the reverse side is another color. Only one colored side can be used at a time. This allows the mat to appeal to Read On »