NORSK Reversible Foam Floor Mats

Norsk PVC Tiles vs. Norsk Foam Tiles

Have you been browsing flooring options for your residential or commercial building? Flooring options are seemingly endless, but not all flooring is created equal. Not all flooring products are designed to withstand any and every kind of use. What is the specified use of the floor area you are looking to cover? When choosing flooring for your building, it’s important to select a flooring product Read On »

Child-Safe Foam Mats from Norsk

Disaster-proof flooring products If you want to make the flooring areas around your home are disaster-proof for your little tots without having to compromise their chances for play time, consider child-safe foam mats from Norsk.   Ideal for children’s playrooms but also applicable for garages, basements, workshops, patios, decks and other parts of the house, these interlocking foam mats from Norsk will make sure kids are Read On »

Can Norsk PVC tiles be used under or around exercise equipment?

Yes. Norsk PVC tiles are ideal for commercial and home gyms because of their durability. Added protection is recommended in free weight lifting areas since our PVC flooring is only 0.25″ thick. Many users like our Norsk sport floor PVC tiles with Rhino-tec™  finish for areas under or around exercise equipment. These PVC tiles help protect floors from the wear and tear of heavy commercial gym equipment. Read On »

What are some best practices to follow prior to installing Norsk PVC flooring?

We recommend that floor tiles and trim pieces must be stored in a moist free environment at a minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and not in direct sunlight for a minimum of 48 hours prior to installation. The subfloor should be the same temperature as well. PVC, like all building materials, expands and contracts. Depending on job conditions, exposure to UV light, job size, and Read On »

What are the differences between Norsk solid, reversible and sport foam mats?

A good question we often get asked is what the difference is between our solid foam mats, our reversible foam mats, and our reversible sport foam mats. While the mats can be used in similar places and situations, there are different aspects of each mat that need to be pointed out. Below, we’ll explain some of the main differences between each mat to help make your buying decision easier. Solid Foam Read On »