Norsk Flooring Solution for Patios

Better Flooring Equals Better Patio Design There are so many installation options for patios and decks but nothing as quite as striking and fresh as PVC tile flooring.  While it is true that hardwood is the classic way to redesign the flooring and brick has been a great flooring solution as well, more and more homeowners welcome new ways through spruce up their patios and Read On »

detail photo of red and blue Norsk flooring

Five Rooms, Five Norsk Flooring Options

No matter what type or function of room you need flooring for, Norsk has a flooring option to suit every need. Each variety of our flooring product is designed with specific uses in mind. While you can get creative with where you want to use your Norsk tiles, we wanted to breakdown five rooms that our flooring is most commonly used in. We also share Read On »

What can I do to make my PVC floor more resistant to stains?

Since all of our tiles are a matte finish, except for our Raised Diamond Style, a floor sealer or top coat could be beneficial. Like any garage flooring, Norsk PVC floor tiles can eventually become stained by tire marks and chemicals (link to our Warranty). While no floor is stain proof, some topcoats or floor sealers have provided our customers with an increased level of Read On »

What is a best practice to follow regarding Gap to leave along walls during the installation process?

We highly recommend following this best practice to make your flooring installation smoother. Depending on the size of the area to be installed, we recommend leaving a 1/4″ to 1/2″ expansion gap between the last tile and any walls or fixed objects. By not leaving an expansion gap, you run the risk of your tiles buckling if exposed to direct sunlight, or excessive heat if Read On »

How do I clean my Norsk PVC tiles?

Cleaning up your Norsk PVC tiles is simple. Clean with a damp mop, or cloth, using mild soap/detergent with water. Do not use incompatible chemicals such as, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or Acetone. If you have a cleaning product, such as a homemade remedy you’d like to use on your flooring, but are worried about its reaction, test it first on a very small area of the tile Read On »