Transform the Look of Your Basement

Protecting Your Flooring Space With Norsk Flooring Mats The basement, located at the lowest part of a typical house, can be a wonderful, private haven if only you’re willing to customize its interior design.  However, most of us tend to relegate it as storage room or stockroom where we do away with some of the stuff we rarely use.  These days, well customized basements are Read On »

Exploring Norsk Flooring Tiles

Norsk: Your All-Around Flooring Solution Think you’re picky about PVC flooring tiles?  Then you will find out that only Norsk can live up to your own personal set of expectations when it comes to flooring solutions.  Norsk range of PVC flooring tiles combines innovation, strength and convenience at the best pricing deal. Norsk flooring tiles are innovative.  All Norsk PVC tiles and foam mats are Read On »

What is the Norsk AirDry™ System and why is that important?

No matter what climate you live in, at some point in time moisture will have some type of impact on your flooring selection. All competitive PVC floors have either a smooth or square grid underside. Whether it is from rain, snow, washing cars, or cleaning out the garage, there is no way you will stop moisture from getting under your rolled flooring or tiles. Norsk’s Read On »

Why is PVC flooring more beneficial than traditional flooring?

The wide selection of products we offer are made for most areas in the home; whether indoor or outdoor, or for light or heavy foot traffic scenarios. Here are some of the beneficial features of Norsk PVC flooring to clarify any confusion: It is moisture-resistant. The Norsk patented Air- Dry™ design makes air permissible to flow underneath the PVC floor tiles, allowing moisture to evaporate Read On »

What does the Norsk PVC flooring warranty not cover?

All warranty claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt. Please report product defects to the retailer where the product was originally purchased. This PVC flooring warranty does not cover scratching, scuffing, tearing, cosmetic damage, or other wear and tear resulting from normal use of the product. In addition, any damage resulting from intentional damage, negligence, or unreasonable use will void this warranty. The PVC Read On »