Perfect for Your Garage: Norsk PVC Tiles

The Simplest And The Most Hassle-Free To Renovate A Garage Do you cringe at the sight of your tainted and cracked garage floors?  Do you find rolling mats and carpets an inappropriate decision for a heavy duty area like the garage?  You can finally end your woes right here if you decide to invest on Norsk PVC Tiles.  Make the garage a perfect storage haven Read On »

How should I care for and maintain my Norsk PVC tiles?

It’s important to properly care for and maintain your Norsk PVC tiles to ensure a long product life. Avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent color fading and warp-age. Applications which require constant exposure to the elements may require gluing. This product is not recommended for exterior installations (except our Vented Tile), or applications that are exposed to continuous moisture, and or grease (commercial kitchens require Read On »

Will my car tires stain Norsk PVC flooring?

We see Norsk PVC flooring being used frequently in the garage. We also get asked a lot if car tires stain the PVC flooring. Tires containing phenylenediamine (6PPD) could stain the flooring. It’s recommended using darker tiles, such as black, to create a desirable pattern to cover the area where vehicles tires and potential fluids may be leaked from any vehicles. You can find out if your Read On »

Is the PVC flooring you offer affordable? What kind of designs do you offer?

Polypropylene floor tiles have traditionally been the low cost product in the marketplace. PVC flooring has historically maintained a much higher performance rating and value perception, but the pricing structure rendered it unaffordable to the average person. We set out with the goal in mind of making Norsk-Stor™ multi-purpose flooring the best value in the market, and we believe we have been successful in that Read On »

DIY Garage Floor PVC Tile Transformation

Norsk PVC Tiles to Transform a Garage Experts say the best garage floors are those that are completely made of PVC flooring. While it is true that PVC flooring comes in two forms (mats and tiles), PVC tiles remain to be a better option for garage flooring. If you’re looking for the best brand when it comes to quality PVC tile flooring, there’s only one Read On »