Why You Need Norsk PVC Tiles for Home Gyms

Transforming A Room Into A Home Gym?  Easy With Norsk Are you planning to transform a vacant room at home into your own personal home gym? Well, good news for you. You can easily find an affordable  flooring product that can complement your technical and design requirements.  Norsk PVC Multi-Purpose interlocking tiles will make sure you’re in touch with your fitness goals.  This PVC interlocking Read On »

Flooring Relief: Norsk Flooring Mats In Kids’ Playrooms

Installing Norsk Flooring Mats In Kids’ Playrooms When it comes to renovating or redesigning a kid’s playroom, safety is a huge deciding factor regarding which materials and furniture to buy in this specific area of the house. But a growing number of parents are now at ease on the idea of installing PVC flooring tiles in kids’ playrooms to protect them from injury during playtime. Read On »

Is PVC flooring hard to install? Can PVC flooring hold heavy equipment?

Ease of installation is key to every product we design, and our multi-purpose flooring is no exception. PVC flooring is much easier to install as it only requires a good utility knife and a rubber mallet, as opposed to Polyproylene floors, which requires the use of table or a skill saw. Our 18 x 18 tiles also reduce installation time with each tile covering 2.32 Read On »