Workout With Norsk Sports Foam Mats

Norsk Sports Foam Mats Functional for workout and heavy-duty areas rugs and carpets are not practical flooring solutions for areas at home such as garages, basements, workout studios, storage sheds and even workshops. Aside from the heavy foot traffic these areas get, they are likely home to heavy equipment, boxes and materials that can cause damage to the floor for a long time. The brand Norsk offers a better solution Read On »

No More Slips or Accidental Trips: PVC Flooring For Your Laundry Room

PVC Flooring Installation For Your Laundry Room  If you have a separate laundry room then you may want to consider installing PVC flooring on it. It may be the only way for you to ensure that you are less likely to slip or trip on the floor while doing your laundry. Most laundry rooms have either ceramic tiles or smooth concrete floorings which, when wet, can be slippery and Read On »

How long does the PVC flooring warranty last?

Norsk-Stor™ multi-purpose flooring products feature a Limited Lifetime warranty, and are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten years from the date of the original retail purchase. The word “defect” is defined as imperfections that impair the use of the product. Defects resulting from misuse, abuse, or negligence will void this warranty. This Read On »

Will I have leftover scraps when I’m done installing my Norsk flooring project?

There are many advantages to our patent pending mushroom tooth design, our extremely secure interlocking feature, an additional benefit is that there is far less product waste during installation. By having four uniform sides, you can cut a border piece, and in most cases, wind up using it in another part of the floor. This will help eliminate leftover scraps after installing your Norsk flooring. Unlike Read On »