Can I use Norsk PVC flooring in a commercial kitchen?

A question we get asked a lot is if our PVC flooring is compatible for commercial kitchen use. This product is not recommended for use where food preparation takes place, such as commercial kitchens or home kitchens. This flooring is not compatible with cooking oils ad liquids from vegetable fats. These cooking materials are not compatible with this flooring and can cause injury from slipping Read On »

Anti-Slip Designer PVC Tiles By Norsk For Mudrooms

Having a close call accident while you’re in the mudroom?  Would you like to bring out the distinct entryway with PVC flooring tiles without having to compromise design and safety?  Norsk understands the dangers of slippery entrance ways and would like the cut off the hazard that comes with it.  With the brand’s anti-slip designer PVC tiles, you are guaranteed a rapid flooring solution that will Read On »