detail photo of red and blue Norsk flooring

Pain-free Ways to Install Norsk Floor Mats

So you’ve finally decided on choosing the brand Norsk for your flooring requirements.  Choosing PVC floor mats requires a lot of exploring and comparing.  Still, Norsk multi-purpose interlocking mats find it easy to attract a legion of DIY customers, and this is because the brand is simply DIY friendly. Norsk flooring mats are recommended for various flooring space that are likely heavy footed traffic areas Read On »

Multi-Purpose Guide to Norsk Flooring Installation

When it comes to flooring installations, whether for home or for commercial settings, the first concern that comes to most people’s mind is this question:  “Who will install this?”  With Norsk flooring products, there will be no need to find an expert flooring installer when you yourself can pull off a do-it-yourself job on this.  Indeed, the brand is well known for its range of Read On »

Flooring Trim Kits Finished Borders for PVC Tiles

One of the best treats that Norsk can give to its consumers is that the brand ensures they would wind up with a well-done flooring space even if these consumers pull off a DIY stunt.  Thanks to Norsk Flooring Trim Kits Finished Borders for PVC Tiles, home owners can now lavish on an excellent flooring space quality that mimics a professional’s expertise. Your Norsk flooring Read On »