Redefine Your Garage with Norsk Tile Products

Norsk offers a wide selection of PVC flooring tile products with upgraded and improved features that you can’t get from any other flooring manufacturer.  Norsk flooring mats are equipped with features such as Rhino-tec texture and Air-Dry technology that’s ideal for garages and workshops.  If you’re thinking of changing the looks of your garage flooring, consider Norsk. One of the best properties of this brand Read On »

Norsk Flooring Design Gives You An Edge

Rarely will you find a flooring design that seamlessly combine functionality and design aesthetics.  But at Norsk, you can have both of these to give the utmost value to your money.  The Raised Coin Pattern PVC Tiles 6 Pack flooring design by Norsk guarantees high marks in the areas of product quality, aesthetic design and durability. There’s nothing quite like a well spruce-up flooring space.  Read On »

Shopping Smart: Norsk PVC Tiles for Home

Experts say that when it comes to flooring solutions, most of the consumers would opt for cheaper diversions rather than go for high-quality and yet cost-effective choices. However, most of what we think of as “cheap” flooring products tends to fail to perform well in most reliability tests. If you’re looking for an excellent selection of flooring designs for your home construction or renovation, the Read On »