close up photo of a grey Norsk vented drain tile

Patio Flooring Made Easy with Norsk PVC Vented Drain

Are you looking for a cost-efficient way to spruce up the concrete slab in your patio? The Norsk PVC Vented Drain interlocking system is a long-lasting patio flooring alternative that is easy to install. Environmentally Friendly Patio Ideas Made with utmost durability and thus always in top condition, the Norsk vented interlocking floors are designed to resist and endure wear and tear. They’re environmentally friendly, Read On »

What can I do when I have uneven sub-flooring when I’m installing Norsk flooring?

Lucky for you, our PVC tiles are flexible and are made with these flooring concerns in mind. Most flooring surfaces are not perfectly level which can be problematic with polypropylene tiles in trying to deal with uneven sub-flooring surfaces. Norsk flooring virtually eliminates this problem with the use of our proprietary formulation. Our tiles are flexible and conform readily to the flooring surface, masking many imperfections Read On »

What size are the tiles and how much area does a box or pack cover?

It’s important to know the size of our products and how much square feet a typical box covers, especially when you’re ordering our products online. Our PVC flooring and our foam flooring have different sizes. There are also different sizes per type of product per those two flooring categories. For example, our Truly Reversible foam mats have a slight difference in thickness in comparison to Read On »

A photo of three children laying head to head on multi-colored puzzle flooring. Two smaller photos are superimposed in circles which show the flooring near a pool and in a gym

Benefits of Norsk Flooring Mats

There are many reasons why Norsk flooring mats are considered the best in the market today. They offer a variety of flooring products for a wide range of uses, competitive prices and use high quality materials that are both safe and environmentally friendly. Here are some of the benefits of Norsk flooring mats that you wouldn’t want to miss. Protecting the Kids from Injury Safety Read On »